Numbered Identities : 02.12.15

Earlier this year, Lady Rae and I almost lost all forms of identity due to theft. This song came to describe the state of confusion I was in from trying to love others in a world of classism, numbered identity/existence, and hard data versus my own personal desire for humanity.

~JKM : Captain Mimo

Inventory : 01.11.15

After any period of crisis, it is wise to take inventory of all that one has. On January 1st 2015 my car was stolen along with cell phones, wallets, and identity information. I feel just about out of the crisis, so I am taking inventory of what I have left as they pertain the two passions I have: MUSIC & DESIGN.

Guitars, PA systems, Speakers, Studio Mics, Oceanographers CDs, 1 Computer, 3 Hard Drives, and an education in Graphic Design.


After taking inventory of what I have I've realize that there is nothing to be worried about. I need to be thankful for all I have. Most of these things have been provided by my parents. A huge wave of gratitude and warmth sweeps over me. Even though there was nothing to prepare me for the trauma and effort it would take to leave the nest, they really left me with everything I needed to succeed. Thank you Mom and Dad.

~JKM : Captain Mimo

Determination : 01.08.15

Every time The Oceanographers has fallen apart, the more determined I was to have it succeed. 2014 was the "Year Everything Came Together"... 2015 is the “Year of Determination”. Goals will be set and plans will be put into action to achieve them. I am determined to become a successful musician/designer in the land of infinite art.  

With this determination, I will be creating, testing, and documenting my process, ideas, and findings in this captain’s log on My hope is that other artists will be able to find their own path at finding value in the world of cheap art.

~ JKM : Captain Mimo